Women’s Lingerie | Fuller Bust Lace Detail Underwire Bra – VA02369




Women’s Lingerie | Women’s Fuller Bust Lace Detail Underwire Bra VA02369

Theres a reason we always go back to

wired bra

s, thats why this one is sitting pretty at the top of our wishlist. This under

wired bra

has a thin, semi-circular strip of sturdy material within each cup, which lifts up the breast to create definition and shape. Most importantly, though, it gives good support. Comfort is always key, especially where underwear is concerned, and thats why this

wired bra

is a whole vibe.

  • Style: Underwired Bra
  • Fabric: Lace

96% polyester 4% elastane. Machine wash. Model wears size 34DD.

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